Personal Media Corporation

Company Profile

Trade name
Personal Media Corporation
Akira Matsui, President
June 6, 1980
10 million yen
Matsumoto-Subaru Bldg. 2-6-13 Hiratsuka, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 142-0051 Japan
Tel:+81-3-5749-4931 Fax:+81-3-5749-4936

Business Summary

Embedded Systems & IoT (Internet of Things) related business

Product images developed by T-Engine

Personal Media Corporation has supported the TRON project since the project's inception. In addition to "Embedded Systems" and "IoT", TRON project is promoting "Open data" and "Open API" these days. We offer assistance in every phase of TRON related business, from development to technical support, and from sales to publication. We provide a wide variety of solutions for embedded system, by the partnership with our business partners, our advanced technologies and experiences, built up through more than 30 years of involvement in the history of the TRON project.

  • Development and sales of T-Kernel related products such as the realtime OS "PMC T-Kernel".
  • Development, porting, modification and selling licenses of the software for T-Kernel (T-Monitor, Middleware, Device drivers, Applications, etc.).
  • Customized development, consulting and support for embedded systems including T-Kernel and TRON.
  • Building IoT systems with embedded technologies and ubiquitous related technologies. Sales of RFID or Ubiquitous related products.

For details on our T-Kernel Solution, please visit our website at

Security Products related business

Screenshot of Disk Shredder

We develop and sell our security related products including data erasure software for hard disks or USB flash memories, a file encryption software, eTRON applied systems for a contactless IC card.

  • Development and sales of data erasure software such as "Disk Shredder" series and "USB Disk Shredder".
  • Customized development of eTRON(the security architecture of TRON) applied system.

For details on Disk Shredder, please visit our website at

Chokanji (Super Kanji) related business

Screenshot of Super Kanji Search for Android

We provide various solutions and products for handling more than 180000 kanji and the other characters.

  • Provision of Chokanji Kensaku (Super Kanji Search) solutions.
  • Development and sales of Character search tool "Super Kanji Search".
  • Customized development of "Chokanji"(Super Kanji) based embedded systems or guidance systems for exhibitions.
  • Development and sales of BTRON-specification OS "Chojanji"(Super Kanji).

For details on Chokanji OS, please visit our website at (Japanese).
For details on Super Kanji Search app, please visit our website at (for Windows, Linux), (for Android), or (for iOS).

Mobile apps related business

Smooth Reader, Bookshelf format

We develop and sell various apps for smartphones and tablet computers, including "Smooth Reader" and "Super Kanji Search", making use of the experiences of our long-standing publishing business and kanji processing technologies.

  • Development and sales of PDF reader for iPad "Smooth Reader".
  • Development and sales of document organizer/distributor/reader app for iPad, "ZERO COPY".
  • Development and sales of Character search tool for iOS/Android, "Super Kanji Search".

For details on Smooth Reader, please visit our website at

Seminar business

We periodically hold the technical seminars on T-Kernel. We also provide the customized seminars and on-site seminars.

  • Holding seminars on T-Kernel, TRON and embedded systems.

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